Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Too tired for a rest day?

Is it possible to be extremely busy and yet come away feeling lazy?
Vacation in Montana, then drive to Sioux Falls for work, then 8hr drive to Okaboji to drop the girls off at camp. Week at home that was busy at work. Drive to Okaboji to get the girls. Now another busy week at work.
I've riding and traing quite a lot over the past three weeks. I had hoped yo ride through this week and then take next week off (work trip to Portland). My body apparently has different plans....I haven't ridden in a week and I still feel like I'm recovering.
Oh well, at the last taco ride I did 43miles and felt strong the entire time. I'll ride hard for 5 days during RAGBRAI (two on the tandem with the girls). I should be stronger and ready for the rest of the MTB season.

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Rusty Car said...

Lance took off a few years, I doubt a week will hurt Super Tom.

Anonymous said...

You may have a little bug. There is some junk going around.

Anonymous said...

Maybe your just old.....