Sunday, August 24, 2008

August Gravel Century

Just a quick post tonight....Rick and Scott met Steve at his house to start the ride. I could tell upon waking up that I was not going to be 100%. I met them on the road and we meandered west of town. We ended up in Panora for lunch at mile 55. I had few times that I had wanted to quit prior to this point, but kept expecting it to get better.

It never did and at mile 65 I sent the boys ahead without me as I was holding them up too much.
The picture above is after I caught them lounging under a tree in Adel. Steve and I had to teach Rick and Scott how to get the most miles of gravel in during these types of rides. :)

Finished the ride with near 8hrs ride time, but over 10hrs with stops.

More pics on Flickr(link on the right)

8months down. 4 more to go.

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy Birthday to Tom!

It's not my b-day yet, but since the car was sold I convinced Holly that I should get my present a good 30 days early.

I took it for a quick 2hr spin today. 10miles of paved trail was a good way to get the seat positioning locked in. Then I hit the dirty connector to the hillside trails. Did a few short laps for 7miles. The bike fits perfectly (thanks Sterling), and handles like a dream. I instantly felt comfortable on it and was bombing all of the fast sections. I even cleaned all of Rollercoaster (including the creeks & switchbacks).

The only problem (which I expected) was the higher bottom bracket. It puts me closer to some of the trees on the corners. A few times I thought that I was going to hit a tree with my shoulder. I remembered the same issue when I test drove other 29ers. However, by the end of the ride, I was already getting used to the difference.

I can't wait to race it to see how it rides when I'm at the limit.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Foggy Commute

Today is day four in being carless. I've ridden the bus a few times (riding my to and from) and have experimented with both the road and mountain bike. It is fun and rewarding, but it is also tiring.
This pic is from a spot on the trail that I use to commut into work. Several times during the year it gets foggy and yet very scenic.

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Yes we are still alive, just busy....

One of these nights, I'll find the time to update everyone on:
  • Some forgotten items from our summer vacation to Montana (pictures and stuff)
  • Our trip to KC to visit with Uncle Tim, Aunt Toad and baby Zoe
  • My 1st bike race in 3 years at Boone
  • The end of summer for the girls, starting 5th grade in 9 days!
  • I sold "Precious" (what the girls called her), subsequently have become a full time bike commuter (so I just ordered a new bike)
  • Our trip to the Iowa State Fair

I'm sure there are others, so eventually it will probably be an ugly post.

BTW - Eighteen wonderful years today for Holly and I.