Friday, July 1, 2011

Moab/Fruita pics

I finally got around to uploading the pics that Jacob took during the trip. Lots of good stuff. I've organized by day. Click here

Day one - just north of Moab at Baby Steps and Klondike
Day two - a new trail, Magnificent 7. Goes from Gemini Bridges area to Poison Spider
Day three - the Porcupine Rim downhill
Day four - Road 18 or Bookcliffs just north of Fruita, CO
Day five - (morning) Loma exit (Mary's Loop, Horsetheif, etc), west of Fruita
Day five - (afternoon) Ribbon and Lunch Loops near Grand Junction, CO
Day six - we hit Centennial Cone trail on Hwy 6, just west of Golden, CO