Thursday, July 9, 2009

Another tandem ride with Maddie

The end of the ride pic

Maddie and I grabbed the tandem for one last ride before RAGBRAI (I travel next week). We did a quick ride out to Adel anf then she wanted to ride around the courthouse square on the brick streets. I have to say that Iowa does have some cool courthouse squares.
However, we didn't rest and kept pushing back to Waukee and a milkshake. We paused for 30min and looked at some old cars parked at Mickey's Pub before going home. 23.2 miles and no complaints Just a lot of bell ringing from the new bell that I installed on the back handlebar. "Dad... guess what song this is." dingding dadingding dingding dingding dadingdingding Me: "I have no idea." "Rudolph the red noes reindeer"
How could I miss that one :)

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