Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Off road tandem fun

Hannah and I did alittle scouting trip last night on the tandem. We loaded it up on the car and drove to Ashworth pool and then proceed to see what trails it wouldn't fit on. I've taken it on Denmans before but had not tried Coaster or Hillside. We started with Rollercoaster. No problems except the 1st switchback where we scraped bottom. We also had a few problem on the last 100ft of the exit. Othwerwise werode the whole thing. Denmans was not a problem. Had to walk it over the large logs and the tight trees at the end of little Italy. Then we headed for Hillside. I didn't know what to expect up there.....but it was great! We rode most of the normal loop that I take before running out of time. No dabs, not even on the double switchback decent to the bridge. Depending on who is riding the Taco ride tonight, I might bring it (and Maddie) for some fun.
I was surprised to only see a few on the trails. Maybe they have been taking a post RAGBRAI break like I was.

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