Wednesday, July 22, 2009

RAGBRAI Day4 (tandem w/Hannah)

Holly drove to Indianola to swap twins. Hannah and I enjoyed the great evening weather and stayed up until close to 11pm. The 6am alarm seemed mighty early for both of us, but we got up anyway. Breakfast omelets in Indianola and we were on the road. The fog had burned off by the time we left town and we had a great sunny day. 45.3 miles later we rolled into Chariton, slightly sunburned but happy that we had an enjoyable day together.
Hannah did beat her sister in the top speed category today with a 42.6. She stared at the GPS as we held out tuck and I heard a loud "WooHoo" as she saw the new record.
Hannah's stats: 45.3 miles; 42.6 top speed; cheese and egg omelet; pudding; doritos; no-bake cookie; a couple of Gatorades; shaved ice; beef brisket sandwich; sweet corn; choc ice cream; strawberry/banana smoothie and two rolls of "Smarties" (power pills).