Monday, April 6, 2009

1st singletrack of 2009

With the Friday temps in the mid 50's, I left work a little early and took the girls on their 1st dirt ride of 2009. They were very excited to try out all of their new gear. After a lengthy loading process (which glasses go with this shirt?) we finally hit the road. We unloaded at Greenwood Park so they would have a short ride to reacquaint themselves to the bike before we hit the trails.

We enter the remnants of old J11 and the girls did just fine. As usual Madison broke off the front and I had to frequently call on her to wait. Hannah is a little more tentative, but does is just as capable.

We finished J11 and went into Denmans. At this point Maddie had a good lead on us and when I came tried to speed up to help her over the big log I was too late. She was heading for it herself. Leave it to her....she had enough speed to ride up and over, just a small dab on the other side.

We had a few crashes and a few tears but overall it was a good ride. We ran into several of the normal guys out on the trail and I think I heard a few "I can't wait until my kids are big enough to ride on these trails". That made the emotional breakdown that occurred on the way home all worth it.

CITA trailwork at Summerset State Park on Saturday. We had a great showing and almost finished the complete loop. I then did two laps and rode the beginners section. It is a very challenging trail and unlike anything that I've seen in Iowa.

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Brian said...

Cliffhanger? You ran into several of the......of the who? what? C'mon man, don't leave us hanging like that.

Iowagriz said...

Yes, apparently the phone only goes to 1000 characters and I'm a little wordy :)

Brian said...

Whew! Thanks for the resolution. Sorry to hear about the "emotional breakdown", with 2 daughters of my own, I definitely get it.