Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bullet Point Blog Posting

  1. I don't normally have problems but sometimes drivers can suck. Read this and then show up for a ride of support on Wednesday.

  2. Related topic....some riders need to chill out and actually realize that by ignoring the laws, riding in large packs when holding up traffic and generally being self-serving is not helping our cause.

  3. Maddie and I joined the PRC ride last week and she really enjoyed herself. I think that she was overwhelmed by actually talking and riding with the PRC ladies. Keely really went out of her way to talk to Maddie about her experiences. Thanks Keely!
  4. Several work projects are coming to a head and the new job is getting more and more exciting. Good news was having a project move out of the way for....

  5. Fruita/Moab trip is on!!! I had decided that it wouldn't work so I was surprised when it all fell together at the last minute. 5 Days of riding with friends in the desert, I'm certainly looking forward to it.

  6. Realized that the Gary Fisher Sugar wasn't going to be used too much as a backup bike. Put it on Craigslist and sold it within 24hrs. It's a good thing, because I can now use that money on the above mentioned vacation.

  7. I've been wanted to race most of the IORCA mountain bike races this year, however the 1st one would have been on this Sunday and forced me to miss Maddie's first soccer game. No big deal except the Fruita trip will have me miss another. Easy solution, find a different race. Hard consequences, it is a 3hr or 6hr race. I might as well go for 6 since I'll be riding in a car for 3 hrs to get there.


Andy said...

When are you headed to Frutia/Moab?

Rusty Car said...

Good luck in your suffer fest. I will be looking forward to your commentary, done in the way only you can do it. :)

I love the foto of the midwest humidity too.