Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Fitness or lack of......

About 3.5 weeks to go until my first planned race of the season at Sylvan Island. I'm somewhat disappointed that I haven't kept the fitness that I gained last year. On one hand I'm 10 pounds lighter than last year and not that far behind in mileage. I just don't feel like I have any training. I feel like I still have very strong legs and a good solid base of fitness. If we get some good weather then I can get some sprints in to get the heart used to high beats/minute.

My real dilema is which class to race in....normally I have raced in the sport class. I believe that I need to move up to help grow the sport (a thought for another future post). Can I survive an expert race early in the the season with little training? Can I get into shape to compete the rest of the year? I certainly don't expect to be pushing the front group, but I don't want to be DFL either. Is there much competition for the 40+ expert class? Maybe I should singlespeed it ;)


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Buckshot77 said...

I think you should come out tonight with me for 2.5 hours of hills and pushing the pace on the road. And then back it up with tacos and the N/A beverage of your choice at Gif's. Then we can solve this dilemma.

Andy said...

Start with the sports, if you upgrade to expert and then later decide to downgrade you will be chastised and deemed a sandbagger for the rest of your racing life.

Enjoy winning the sport races and then move up. Hell who wants to toe the line with Eppen and Cam. Realizing it is a race for third.

Anonymous said...

I heard Astana is down a man to a broken bone so you should head to Europe and tear the legs off some Euro-trash.