Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Punkettes or Death Squad 2500

The big boys get to race under the Death Squad 5000 label, the girls have Punk Rock Cycling, so what does that leave for a couple of pumped up 10yr old girls (hey, we will be 11 in April).

We took the girls on a bike shop shopping trip this weekend and the girls soaked it all in. Since we don't live in the mountains, Tom's hope of having them on skis 40+ days a year isn't panning out. Fortunately, the girls really enjoy riding their bikes. Tom has convinced them of riding a day of RAGBRAI with him this summer (on the tandem). Thus we had to work on getting them the proper attire.

They had the shorts, gloves and helmets, but needed shoes and jersey's. We found a good deal on a couple of jerseys at Bike World and then headed down to Rassy's to get some shoes and socks. As usual, Sterling went out of his way to take care of the girls. They liked all of the attention and found some fantastic shoes. Now Tom will be teaching them the finer points of clipless pedals (on the tandem only for this summer.)

They were so excited about the purchases that they had to play dress up once we got home. I have to admit that it was great to see them so pumped up. I hope to bring them out to the PRC rides on the tandem as they were really jealous that I got to ride with the ladies last Wednesday night. This is what you will see chasing you down in Denmans this summer. If you see these looks, just pull over because they will likely use your body as a berm or a jump. Come on....just look at the intensity.
Modeling is not always serious business.


Andy said...

Punkettes. Do you want them growing up racing with a bunch of beer swilling dirty guys OR racing with the attractive PRC squad?

Baby Z said...

Now thats what I'm talking about, love my tough neices!!

Maria said...

We can't wait to see them our racing in the kids races at Race Like a Girl in June, July, and August!