Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Break recap

Our trip to Seattle/Bellingham was a blast. It was a quick trip (Thurs-Tues), but it was probably the correct amount of time. We spent the 1st few days with my youngest brother Tim in Renton. The last few days with the middle brother Todd in Bellingham. My parents also drove out from Montana, so it was like a minature family reunion. The best part was watching the kids enjoy their cousins. Kelly and Lily are Todd/Kristina's girls and our girls really enjoy visiting with them. In this pic, it is Kelly, Zoe, Maddie, Lily, Hannah.
We took some time to take a family picture. Many attempts and this was the best that we could do with a self-timer. In this pic, left-right, top to bottom: Tom, Holly, Hiliar, Kristina, Tim, Zoe, Grampa Tom, Gramma Dee, Austin, Todd, Hannah, Lily, Kelly, Madison.

A highlight of the trip was driving down to Olympia to see my gramma (my mom's mom). I last saw her at christmas 07 and wasn't too sure that I would see her again. She has been blind for the past 10 years or so and age is catching up with her, but it was great to have a short visit. After the visit, we met my mom's sisters/husbands and kids at a restaurant. Another great way to make the most of our short trip to the west coast. It was great to see everyone!

Hannah and Zoe

Madison and Zoe
More pictures from the trip on our Flickr page.

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Baby Z said...

I hope to grow up to be as cool as my cousins XOXO Miss you already