Thursday, March 26, 2009

Back in the Saddle Again
I loaded up the road bike and joined the PRC girls (and a few guys) for the Moffit lake loop. It was a nice and slow ride as they were scouting the ride for future large group rides and were talking through the logistics. That was fine by me as I was just wanting to get some miles in the legs and test the lungs a few times on the hills.

Finished with around 25miles and then met Rick and Courtney for some tacos at Giffs. Apparently we just missed a few of the normal taco ride guys.

Thanks for the comments on the previous post. My legs feel good, but the better plan is to stay in the Sport class for the 1st race or two and see how I feel about moving up.

I hope to get out on the bike again on Friday and then Sunday. Saturday is looking cold and snowy at this point.

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