Monday, June 16, 2008

Flooding, BRAMCO and Father's Day

What a busy week! Sorry for the delayed posting, but with the flooding it was a crazy week. The picture below is on Friday afternoon at the crest of the flooding near downtown Des Moines. My office building is over the levy to the left and down hill about 10-15 feet. If the water made it over, or if the levy failed, we were going under. As such, we evacuated on Tuesday and moved to a temporary location. The company and staff did an amazing job. 95 people and all the stuff except the cubicles were moved from 3pm to 10pm. They were working at the temp location by 8am the next day. Hardly any downtime.
By Saturday, I deserved a good, long ride. I had called Sammy and Jason and scheduled a trip to ride BRAMCO (bike ride around Madison County). This is the same county as "The Bridges of Madison County". I've done this ride three years now and have yet to be disappointed. Decent hills, good people and 60miles makes for a good outing. More ride pictures are in the Flickr link on the right.
Sunday was spent with the family for Father's Day. The girls treated me like the king that I am :) and I ate it all up. Lunch and a trip to the mall for new clothes, then a little car shopping. Nothing bought yet as I can't make up my mind, but good times. The weekend weather has been perfect. No rain, 80's and little to no humidity.


Ryan and family said...

VW sportwagon all the way!

Saw one on the highway last week... Smaller than Passat wagon, bigger than current Jetta wagon. And DIESEL option, too.

Steve Fuller said...

Happy belated Father's Day Tom. Good riding with you, Jason and Sammy on Saturday (as always).

Iowagriz said...

Ryan - I got a call about the Sportwagen and hope to demo this weekend. No diesel (I think) for a year or so. I'm actually finding cars that I like, but most of them don't have hitch mount bike rack capability (A4 Avant, V50, maybe the sportwagen).

I did drive the Tiguan, that might be an option, but I was hoping for something more sporty (like the A4).

Steve - Likewise....thanks for pushing me into a good workout.