Monday, June 9, 2008

Trying to dry out....

Rick and Steve pondering our next move

This update is for those that read from out of state.

Yes, we are still dry at the house, but many parts of Des Moines and the rest of Iowa are getting worse. We need some dry weather. It's all very fascinating for me. Growing up in the mountains, you never really saw flooding. If anything, it was because of a quick snow melt and was more of a flash flood. They were also contained within a canyon or riverbed, but were just very fast flowing.

Iowa is very different. Being as flat as it is, when a river goes above flood stage (which doesn't take much), the water spreads out very rapidly. It also undermines the roadbeds and causes great damage. I must say that it is very impressive to watch.

We have several inches of rain in a 24 hour period a few times in the past week. When the ground is already saturated, the water has no where to go. Amazingly, the sewer systems cannot handle the flow and it actually pushed manhole covers off the holes and floods the streets. A few downtown buildings have been flooded this way.

For those that want to see the coverage, check out our local paper.


As for the weekend. I had a good ride with Rick and Steve. We managed to get 51 miles, but not without hitting some flooding ourselves. Check out the Flickr photos to the right to get an idea.

Still trying to sell the camper and Holly and the girls are hoping that I get rid of my car before we drive 24 hours back to Montana for 4th of July. I have one spotted, but we'll see if I can make it work.

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