Sunday, June 1, 2008

Nice family weekend

Our weekend started with an impromptu gathering of neighbors on our deck for some drinks. It was nice and warm outside and none of us had really sat around and BS'd with each other since last fall. We didn't stay up too late, but 11pm felt late to us. We really have a great bunch of friends in the neighborhood.

Saturday morning found Tom taking his car for a check-up at the dealership. Of course, that took most of the morning, but he did get a chance to look at a few possible replacement cars. Madison's last soccer game was that night in Ankeny and she played goalie during the last 1/2. Their team lost (again), but they did play well. They are just missing that "killer" attitude and once they get behind, they just seem to give up. Here is a picture here drop-kicking the ball to the other end.
On Sunday, we left the house for a long distance bike ride. Tom is wanting to push the girls farther and farther on the bikes. This was their first ride over 10miles. We did 9 into town and then the 9 return trip for a total of 18. Here is the GPS log of the ride:
We are going to call this one the Sunday Subway ride, and Tom hopes that it will be something that the girls will continue to want to do. They did great on the way down, but coming home was more of a challenge. We stopped around the 14mile mark at Burger King for milkshakes. Maddie was really struggling to make it home and didn't have the energy. After the sugar rush from the milkshake, she seemed to have fewer problems for the rest of the way.

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