Sunday, June 29, 2008

Catching up, getting ready for vaca

A long week of anticipation. We are headed to Missoula, MT for a 10 day vacation to visit family. I haven't posted much so here is a picture update.

Sunday, was a work day with the CITA crew. More pics on Flickr, but we had a good turnout and got a lot accomplished on the hillside. Pic below was the crew that hauled in a 16ft bridge to install over the creek/ravine. The rain that we have had in the past month has ruined most of our trails. At least we reclaimed the Hillside area. More to come next month (I hope).
Friday night was at the Des Moines Art Festival with the family. I was taking creative license from Justin and shooting candid shots on the way back to the car. Pic of me and Holly.
Mid-week was spent building birdhouses with the girls. I can't believe that I've put this off for this long. It was a lot of fun and they had a great time. Here is Maddie learning to run a hacksaw.
Hannah with here completed birdhouse. Do we have any bluebirds in Iowa? Send them our way as we now have two bluebird houses ready and waiting.
Last weekend, Maddie and I went to cheer on the Hy-Vee triathletes. We had to get our picture with the devil.
Who knows how often I will get to post from Montana. I'll surely post some pics and commentary from the cell phone to Flickr. Probably some shorter updates to the blog. I do hope to get a gravel hundy in on Sunday. Should be scenic :)
(my proposed out and back hundy)

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Buckshot77 said...

Have fun! Hopefully we can catch some dirt or gravel soon after you get back.