Sunday, March 28, 2010

Start of the Bike Diet

Time for the Stumpjumper to go on a diet. It has been at 26.25lbs or so and that just won't cut it. Lots of places for it to lose weight, starting with the wheel set. The good guys from the shop set up up with some deals. This is the first one for me to take advantage of. I don't have the weight for the current wheel set, but I figure that its 2000grams total or more for the front and rear set.

So I ordered the Roval 29er wheel set from Specialized, thinking that they would be coming in near 1500 grams and I would be saving a pound. I didn't really want to spend the money to get down to a 1200-1300 wheel set. Imagine my surprise when I weighed the pair. 1370 for the pair, with skewers and tubeless ready.

I think that I will be saving another 100 grams on the rear cassette (moving from a cheap heavy 34 tooth to something lighter/smaller). I also think that I will find another 100 grams in lighter tires. Grand total should be between 800-1000 grams (about 450 to a pound)

More to come this week as I get serious about my research. Stay tuned.

Rear wheel with skewer and tubeless ready-705grams
Front with skewer and tubeless strip - 665 grams


BB said...

Great upgrade, Tom. Hitting all the rotating weight is perfect.

What about pedals? Not that they are important as the wheels, but they do "rotate" in terms of being a moving part that we push in circles.

Get your 167-210g pedals, a sub 200g saddle, foam grips, some light disc brake rotors and you'll be all weenied out and worthy of wearing the WW t-shirt. ;-}

Courtney Hilton said...

Sram XX cuts like 3 lbs off the groupset.

Iowagriz said...

BB-yes, I'm in full on WW mode. Pedals, possibly cranks, likely headed back to gripshift. Looking forward to your input, I need to get some new posts up.

court-3pounds and too much money out of the wallet. I'm all for grams per $$. Stay tuned.