Sunday, March 21, 2010

St. Louis Mini-vacation

It was Spring Break this past week for the girls. We didn't plan on anything major, so we saved our ideas until the end. Of course, by then we wanted to go some place nice, but the plane tickets were expensive by then.

So we decided on a quick three day trip to St. Louis. Booked a room at one of the downtown hotels and left the house on Saturday morning. Our first stop was at Hannibal, MO for an educational side trip. Madison had been reading Tom Sawyer for school and we "made" Hannah read a shortened version before the trip (under extreme duress). It was a fun side trip and we spent a good 4 hours walking around and touring the cave.

Sunday was spent at the old courthouse museum (Dread Scott case was tried here). Amazing piece of history that I had forgotten about. Then we did the Arch, a Lewis and Clark IMAX film and more history museum.

Monday was spent at the Missouri Arboretum. The only reason we went, was for the Chihuly glass installation. The vast majority wasn't out (due to weather), but it was still fun. This would be a gorgeous park in the summer.

We drove home via Columbia, MO to see some different sights and the girls kept thanking us for a fun vacation. Holly and I just laughed because we thought it was a "geeky" vacation. All the same, we all enjoyed the time together and out of the house. More pics on Flickr.

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