Thursday, March 4, 2010

I needed that....

All the cyclists out there will understand. I finally had enough of my own excuses and just decided to leave work at 4pm. On the bike near 5pm and head out on the bike paths for a scouting session of what's available. I headed down the Clive Greenbelt starting at the Country Club Lake. It was partially snowpacked and sloppy, but rideable. The section between the Clive Waterpark and 86th street was the most sketchy (but still rideable).

I rode all the way to Denmans and then headed back west through Valley Junction and on the EP True trail. EP True is 100% clear and so is the trail along 60th (north) past Bike World and Granite City to the Greenbelt again. Total of 1:45 and I think near 25miles. The biggest surprise is that I felt good the whole time and even pushed myself a few times to test the fitness. Can't wait for the weekend to ride some more.

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Courtney Hilton said...

greenbelt has been rough this winter however the flooding (currently ice) under 63rd street is a good indicator of what Denmans will look like next week