Saturday, March 6, 2010

1st Race of the Season

1st race of the season and it hurt so good. Jason convinced me to try the Spring Gravel Series, so we loaded up and headed towards Grinnell. Not much for a race report. Very hilly, stayed with cat4/5 pack until 2nd or 3rd hill on the gravel section, then settled in for a training ride. Got a good workout in so I'm happy. 2hrs at 158avg heart rate, legs felt strong, endurance was expectedly missing.

Jason and I were the only Rassy's guys there (whats up with that?). I think that I finished somewhere near 10-12th out of 21.


Rusty Car said...

nice job griz. the upper body should have felt good with all that pre-season shoveling

Courtney Hilton said...

I had to work yesterday or I would have been there. I will be in the last one on the 20th it is all gravel so should be fun.

Rusty Car said...

off to the dance...go griz