Tuesday, December 9, 2008

'Anything ELSE you want to tell us?'

We broke the news about Santa to the girls last week. Holly was getting tired of the statements. "Kids on the bus are saying..." so when we saw the opportunity we decided to take it. When we told them, I think that they already knew in their heart. It was still a little sad, a little bit more of lost innocence.

The funny part was tonight. We were discussing that they still needed to get their pictures taken with Santa. I asked them what they wanted from him and they scoffed at the idea. We explained that they would still get presents from the north pole. This just started the conversation again and brought up more questions..."Did you bring the presents down in the middle of the night?" One question led to another, but the funniest statements were how somethings now made sense. Like how Santa really liked sugar cookies but wasn't so hot for milk.

Then they wanted to know about the Easter Bunny. "I suppose you are the ones that hid the eggs in the yard!"

"Yes is was us"

"Did you eat the carrots as well!"

"Some got put back into the bag"

"What ELSE have you been hiding!"

"What do you think about the Tooth Fairy?"


Buckshot77 said...

Wow, that's a tuffy.

Brian said...

I asked Jackie how we were going to handle no Santa this year (being that's its been pretty much a foregone conclusion for awhile now) and she said we weren't going to handle it. Deny to infinity and beyond is her strategy. At first I thought it was a little wierd (like most things she does) but now I kinda like it. Why not? Santa lives!

Justin said...

me, not having children, thinks that's really funny... I could just imagine the girls, standing w/ arms crossed, or on their hips, stern faces, asking "what else" you haven't told them... classic

Rusty Car said...

That was hilarious! Great write up.

Rusty Car said...

Oh yeah...I know how they feel about being "fibbed" too. I really believed you about the buffalo....JERK!

Iowagriz said...

I got you buffalo on that trip home....don't you remember M&S Meats and the incredible buffalo jerky?

Diane said...

Oh how I don't look forward to that day with my own. At 3 and 5 we're still in the land of believe here... it's fun.

P.S. Love the stockings! They look familiar! :-)