Wednesday, December 3, 2008

100 miles this Sunday? Anyone? Bueller?

I still need to get the details together, but I think that my final dirty hundy of the year will be this Sunday the 7th. The weather will be cold in the morning, but light winds and frozen ground could make for a decent day. Besides that, I'd like to keep next Sunday open for a possible day trip to the Cross Nationals in KC. After that, the in-laws are in town and I won't be able to break away.

If anyone would like to join for all or part of this ride, I'd like to have you along. I'm thinking of making this a ride to celebrate the finishing of my cup O'dirt. I'll probably leave early for a 60 mile loop and then head back to the house. I could then meet others that want to ride the remaining 40 miles. Maybe loop back to pick anyone that is only up for a short ride (last 20 miles?).

Depending on everyone's schedules the ride could end at my house for some chili and beers to celebrate. Or, depending on the route, the ride could end conveniently at a local bar :)

If that appeals to you, leave a comment and I'll work on a route with possible meeting points/times.


Buckshot77 said...

Can't ride the afternoon due to having Corley, but if you guys plan to get together at your place afterwords I could probably come out as long as the girls don't mind having a 2 year old playmate..

You missed out on some good times last night!

Rusty Car said...

Good luck and congrats on almost reaching your goal.