Monday, April 5, 2010

Rejected !

I've been anxiously waiting for the check to be cashed for the Cheguamegon Fat Tire Festival. I had opted for the 40 mile race and was really planning on training to be in the top 250-300 (1700 starters). However, Saturday's mail had my rejection notice. They get somewhere near 2500 entries and hold a lottery for the 1700 starting positions.
First I was pissed, then just bummed. Now I need to find a good event for the last half of the year.


Buckshot77 said...

Boone 24?! ;)

Iowagriz said...

This certainly helps firm up the 24. I had thought about the Black Hills 50 that same weekend, but chances are that we will be in Montana in August, thus back to back long road trips are out.

Boone 24 - team, solo, solo 12

Probably one of the above.