Saturday, April 3, 2010

Faulty Scales

Been working on the bike this morning. Taking off the old parts and weighing them to see what should be replaced at the best part per $$ and gram per $$. Apparantly the kitchen scale that I got is off by a good 30%.

My new rims are not in the 1300 range, but are in the 1750 range as advertised (don't know where I had 1500 from). Regardless, they are still much, much lighter than what I am currently running.

Off to the shop to finish the wheelbuild and then I can compare apples to apples with weights. Stay tuned.

BTW - Craigslist rocks! Just sold the old kitchen appliances in less than 12hours for what I wanted. I have never failed to sell what I needed to via Craigslist.

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