Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekends are for Skis and Bikes

First pic is one that I found on my cell phone from the guys ski trip. We had eaten at Rasta Pasta and on the way out spotted a rasta colored knit cap with dreads. I made my brother put in on and grab the magic stick for a pose. That's big Dave on the right. Good times.

This weekend had a great forecast and although I've been coming off of a cold I knew it would be great to get out on the bike. On the other hand, some locals bought the equipment and started grooming a skating trail at Raccoon River Park. I wanted to combine both.
I know that my family and the vast majority of my friends will look at the this picture and say something like "what a dork". However, I felt like an explorer getting ready to tackle the great beyond.
The route was via the Clive Greenbelt towards Denmans and then the back way into Raccoon River Park. It took about an hour to get there and then I parked the bike at the dog park and changed into my ski boots.
I did a quick 20min explore (medium pace) and hoped back on the bike for the trip home. This time I went north through West Des Moines and caught the trail near Clive City Hall. The above photo was behind Menards. The trail was in pretty good shape with the exception of a few slick areas between 72nd and 86th streets (behind the oil storage area).
It was a good time and good experience. Total of around 25miles.

Sunday was for Hannah and I. A ski race was set for 2pm, so we rented some skis for her and went back out to Raccoon River Park to warm up and explore the trails together. It was a warm and sunny day near 34, but felt close to 50 in the sun.
Hannah took right to the XC skiing and loved getting out into the woods. Our plan was to ski together and get my warm-up in, then she would hang out for the 15min while I raced. However, Mark just assumed that she was racing and placed her name on the roster. She wasn't so sure, but with gentle prodding by the other 5 racers, she decided to give it a go.
Hannah did a shortened loop (this was supposed to be fun, right?). The other women racer (did a full loop) chased her down on the home stretch. We all encouraged them to the finish line and Hannah lost the sprint by a nose. I was so proud of her and her 23min effort. She also said that she really enjoyed it, so it was a win/win.
We drove home and shared the skis with Maddie (she had been doing homework). Hannah put my skis on and the two of them explored the back yard and laughed a lot. Another successful weekend.

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Buckshot77 said...

Sounds like a great weekend to me. Hopefully we'll get a chance to ride together soon. Wednesday nights are still going on if you can make it.