Monday, February 15, 2010

2010 Boys Ski Trip

Another great ski trip with the boys. High School pal David and Bro Tim. I drove over and picked them up at the Denver airport on Wednesday and we drove up to Breckenridge. We had the traditional sushi dinner on the first night and hit the local bars.
The nightlife was definitely lacking, but we were all tired from traveling and fine with hitting the hay early. Thursday was spent at Breckenridge. As luck would have it, Andy had a day off and was happy to give us a tour of the mountain. Although it was cold and windy, we had a blast. No pics from me on this day.
On Friday, we drove over to Vail and were greeted with 5" of new snow. It skied deeper and we had a blast ripping up the back bowls and exploring the trees between the runs.

Tim's first run of the day at Vail.

David at Vail.

Scouting the trees.

Saturday was at Keystone. We had another 5" of snow and it was windy again. It was my first time at Keystone so it took awhile to get my bearings. We spent a lot of time in the trees and found some good shots and snow over the boots to mid-thigh (in spots). Lots of fun. We stopped by Andy's workplace to say goodbye and called it a day.

The evenings were all dead. We think because it was just before presidents day weekend. Of course, it could be that everyone goes out late and us "old guys" like to be in bed by 10pm.

My drove home started at 4am MST. I woke to 3" of new fluff in Denver and the first hour was only at 50mph at best. Then it opened up and I made good time until about 125 miles outside of Omaha. The wind was blowing the snow across the highway and dropping visibility to zero (see above). I saw several crashes and was worried about someone stopping in front of me, or barreling into me from behind. I can see how these accidents happen, not a fun situation.
More pics and a few short videos on Flickr.

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Man i need to learn to ski.