Monday, February 16, 2009

Hannah's Piano Contest

Hannah had a piano contest this weekend. She played "Splish Splash I was taking a bath" and she did wonderful. This is a picture of the judge giving her some feedback after she finished. She received a trophy for her efforts and will get the judges notes at her next lesson. Another good job of playing in front of an audience (which I secretly think she loves).
Not much else going on this weekend. No bike riding, just power lounging. We did try to watch a few movies. I am Legend and Rocker. Will Smith is good, but the movies was just ok. I love stupid comedies, so Rocker was the winner for me.

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Brian said...

FYI - the book (more of a novella) I am Legend, by Richard Matheson, is 100x's better than the movie. Its a much different story at its core. I wish they would have stuck to the spirit of the book for the movie, especially for the end.