Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hiding out lately

Not much going on with the family lately. I haven't been on the bike since the hundy, so I'm feeling lazy. It is the late fall/early winter doldrums. Not much light out to keep me motivated.

However, I might try Spookycross this weekend, and then lace up some shoes to see if I'm in any shape for a solo run at the Dirty Du. Of course, I'll be present at this years Spooky Woods ride. How could a person miss this years....Friday night 10/31....should be a good time.

Madison will have her final soccer game this weekend. Her team plays well, but is still winless. They have fun and I know that is suppose to be the goal (no pun intended), but I get really worked up over their lack of caring (about losing). As Holly and I recently discussed, if they were boys, wouldn't the parents be more up in arms over their effort (we disagree on this topic btw)?

I remember being 10 and playing baseball. It was competitive with yelling coaches and players getting pissed at each other. Why isn't it expected of the girls? Double standard? Maybe I expect too much at 10yrs old? Perhaps my memory has skewed what I remember of little league.

Of well, no need to push her in soccer. Her and Hannah will be the 2018 version of Phil and Steve Mahre anyway (you youngsters will have to google that one).

Ski season is just around the corner. I've changed my online reading from Velonews to and have found myself checking the webcams daily to see how much snow is falling in the Rockies. I can't wait to get on snow this year. I even checked out Masters racing, but that got expensive in the past 15yrs. National license, local license, race fees and then I have to drive 4hrs to the closest race. Maybe 7-oaks will let me set some couses up and bash gates.

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