Tuesday, October 7, 2008

CITA - Take a Kid MTBing day

The 2nd annual CITA - Take a Kid MTBing day was held this past Saturday at Lake Ahquabi State Park which is south of Des Moines by about 20 minutes. The day was fantastic and despite the sparse turnout, those that were there thoroughly enjoyed their day.

I want to say thanks to Al and Jeff for helping mark the trail and all of the general support. Also thanks to Bruce Brown for allowing me to use some of his race materials to mark the course. It made a big difference and made me feel a lot better about making sure that no one got lost.

Thanks to the Hanser family for coming down and giving their support as well as those kids and their parents/family that drove them all that way for a 5 mile loop :)

Next year, this event will be moved back into town and back onto the Center Trails. It couldn't be done there this year due to the J11 trail construct/destruction. I'm sure that it will be back on track and a much bigger success next year.

Enjoy the pics and video from the day.
Lake Ahquabi is a very scenic place. We based the event out of the beach picnic area.
Jeff and Al relaxing after some brats (the food, not the kids).
Andre and Rachael Rethman
Miranda and Mike Lipp, Sam and Matt Gumm
Sam sez "Cheese" with a Cheetos
Some of the kids used their bikes to get closer to the lake and explore.

Madison and Libby picking some flowers (weeds) :)

Hannah pushes up the big hill to the Whitely Monument.

Madison pushing up the one other big hill.

This video of Hannah shows some of the beauty of the lake trail. It also shows how good of a trail this is for kids.

This video is of Maddie, notice how she doesn't allow me to pass.

She always has to be at the front.


Ryan and family said...

Thanks again for your leadership, Tom.

Rusty Car said...

Nice job Horn.