Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tuesday's ride up Pattee Canyon

Tuesday's plan was to ride up Pattee Canyon for 1.5hrs to see if I could find the new (to me) trail that the others rode on their hundy. After 1hr of climbing to the top of Mt. Sentinel I called Holly to see about a lunch meet-up with the family. Lucky for me they we already eating and I could add more miles. I rolled around looking for more of the past favorites and then finally down the new singletrack. 23.5 miles and another 3-4000 ft of climbing (haven't checked the GPS yet).
These posts are backwards, but the same trail that I rode down on Tuesday was where the fire started on Wednesday. As I write this post at 10:30pm, I'll be surprised if the whole frontside of Mt. Sentinel isn't charred by the morning.

GPS file:

I was close with my estimate. 3500 in climbing. Check out the first climb and the 1st part of the last descent (in the graph).


Anonymous said...

Any Bear sightings on your rides Griz?

Iowagriz said...

No bear, just a bunch of deer. I nearly t-boned a buck on Sunday's ride.