Friday, July 18, 2008

Getting back in the groove, plus another bike trip

We made it home safely from vacation in Montana. A quick side trip through Mt. Rushmore which I think the girls enjoyed, otherwise just a quick 20hr drive. We had a blast on vacation. It was nice to see Ron, Laurie and the boys (Holly's brother). They live in Anchorage and we only see each about 2-3yrs apart. Two long to not see family....

I did a lot of mountain biking (see previous posts) and we went to the pool a few times. Otherwise, did a lot of visiting and watching the kids play together.

Here are a few random images that I had forgotten about:
Holly and her brother Ron at our final night's dinner.

The view and sunset from her parent's house. It sits up in the southern hills that overlook Missoula (Miller Creek for those that know the area). We spent a lot of evening time just sitting on the deck and staring down into the valley.
This is Brennan's Wave. A friend that I knew from college in Missoula. Brennan Guth was a world class kayaker and unfortunately lost his life in a river accident in South America. A great kid, awesome athlete and someone that I was fortunate to know.

I am leaving tomorrow morning for RAGBRAI. Just riding the 1st three days. For those from out of state, check out the links at RAGBRAI for the past info and follow the action at the Des Moines Register. This is an amazing event in Iowa. Last year was my first year and I was immediately a convert. I'm not sure I would want to do the whole week (it's like being in a traveling county fair (in a tent)), but these 3 days are fun. Look for daily posts and Flickr pictures from the road.

Lastly, I have to give a "shout out" to Tom senior and my "little bro". My dad still actively rides his dirt bike. I think he gets better each year. He and Tim went to Washougal to race the Oregon Old Timer's events. Dad took home the overall for the 60+ Amateurs and Tim took 3rd in the 30 Experts. Great job guys!!!!

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Ryan and family said...

A few of us are pickubg up the ride in Jefferson... Do you have my number?