Monday, July 7, 2008

Sunny Sunday Hundy (attempt)

I met up with 4 others to attempt a Missoula Hundy. I had bailed on my original plans of a gravel road hundy as I was sure that I'd get lost. Instead we tried a local option of some of my old favorites. I knew it would be hard. 1st 18 miles, up and over a ridge with about 2000ft of climbing. Next 10 miles was a repeat of yesterday's ride (10miles, 2000ft). Then 30 miles up and back in the snake corrider. I ran out of water at mile 9 but pressed on (sealing my fate). I limped back to town with 63miles and around 7hrs of riding. No problems it was some great trails with some fun guys. 3 of them continue on to complete their 1st gravel hundy. I think they finished near 8:30(we started at 6:30).

Update: I still haven't talked to the others to see how they feel. After drinking about 2 gallons of H20, I felt fine the next morning. Here is the link to the GPS stats. Check out the climbing profile. No wonder, my flatlanders body was feeling it. Keep in mind that the guys did about 20 miles of rollers after this and then did a 1500+ climb for the last 20miles.

Some good pics in Flickr.


Iowagriz said...

Too bad I didn't get any pictures of the 1st singletrack descent. It is probably the best 3mile downhill that I've ever been on. I had never ridden it before and yet it felt like I'd been riding it a dozen times. Fast and flowy, technical and smooth. A good mix of everything. I have to try and hit that one again before I leave.

Steve Fuller said...

Griz, you got a metric in. That means you got two in this month :) WTG