Sunday, May 18, 2008

BTWW 2008

This past week was Bike to Work Week and we had great weather in Des Moines. I really noticed a lot of new bikers on the road. I was able to ride 4 of the 5 days into work and only missed the one day becuase I was lazy. In fact, on that day I worked only 3 miles from the house so I really didn't have an excuse. On Monday the locker room at work was jammed and people had to wait in line for one of the 2 showers. Both of the bike racks were completely full and some were locking their bikes to railings within the parking garage. While a pain, each of these are probably good problems to have.

Jason, Will and I helped to push the BTWW initiative within WF again this year. We won again and beat last years numbers. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and I do think that several will continue to commute in (at least once a week). See the Flickr link on the right for more BTWW pics. Here are a few from the Friday ride in from the west:
Each year, I seem to get a good artsy shot of Matt. This was on the Clive Greenbelt with my camera phone, he seems to be moving at warp speed.
Another warp speed shot of the crew riding in. We had 5 in our little group from the Clive area, but we met up with at least 20-30 along the way.
After work, everyone goes to el Bait Shop for handlebar happy hour. A bike friendly place with plenty of parking for us. We left by 5pm, but I bet it got busier about then.
The pic that shows why Iowa bikers really love this place. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 microbrews on tap or in bottles.
Roundtrip for the commute was 29.25miles, here is a link to the Friday commute in.

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