Sunday, May 4, 2008

2008 Fruita-Day 1

The first day in Fruita. We rode at road #18. A great time. It was sort of like a ski area. Ride up 2miles and then pick one on many singletrack downhills. This pic is from the entrance to Zippitty Doo Dah. A great trail that rides along the ridge. We made 4 or 5 trips up the road to pick a new trail each time.

Click on the Flickr link to the right for more photos. Due to the way that I uploaded them, start at the back and work forward.

GPS stats:

19.9miles and 2955 feet for climbing/descending


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the pics. You need to hit the Pearl Izumi outlet in Silverthorn, Colorado on the way home if you have not already on the way out. Have a great time. So are the Hundy's paying off?

Iowagriz said...

The Hundy's did pay off. Although the heat did take it's toll. With the miles in my legs, the riding was much more enjoyable than my last time out here.