Sunday, April 13, 2008

New Bikes for the Girls

An early birthday present for the girls from Mom and Dad. New Specialized mountain bikes. Tom pushed them into the adult sized wheels, but spent the extra money to get them the women's version. Better sizing, smaller reach for the brakes and other items specific for women/girls. They are very proud of them and I am excited to get them into the world of biking.
Hannah and Madison modeling the new bikes on a new trail near our house.
Hannah concentrating hard and battling the wind.

Maddie loving it.....for my cycling friends, this is a 13" frame on 26" wheels, it looks like she is riding a 29er. I had taken them on individual rides earlier in the week. This one was about 4 miles with the two of them. No wrecks, no flats....must be a success!

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Anonymous said...

I like the bikes girls. You look like professionals. I especially like the one finger on the brake that Hannah has. I wonder if your dad told you to do that.
Sure miss you girls......