Sunday, April 27, 2008

Birthday Celebration Weekend

Hannah and Madison don't turn 10 until this coming Tuesday, but this weekend was the time for celebration with family and friends. Dinner on Friday night with mom and dads friends Matt and Brandi (congrats on the engagement). Saturday morning was soccer for Maddie and then their party at Glazed Expressions in the afternoon. They invited 10 of their classmates to paint their hearts out in a semi-controlled environment. After that, it was church, and then dinner. They picked Wok-n-Motion (sushi grubbin' fools). The sushi chef even made them a special platter with a candle in the wasabi (I'll have to find the picture later). Not much else for the weekend. Tom took the weekend off the bike and worked around the house. Holly just plain worked in what little spare time that existed.
Glazed Expressions had a party room set up for them.
Crazy green cake on the outside, yummy marble cake on the inside.
The birthday gang (minus a few)!
They might look quiet, but it wasn't. This was in the middle of the painting session.

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