Sunday, July 11, 2010

Old school racing photos

I was rummaging around in our photo box and found a bunch of old biking photos. I thought that others might like to see these. I hope to add a new set every couple of days, but it all depends on other work.

This is the start of the beginner race at Farragut State Park, just north of Couer D'Alene, ID. I think this is fall of 1994. This was my first season racing and needed to win this race to win the WIM (WA, ID, MT) point series.
I'm on the orange and yellow GT Karakorum with the red t-shirt and white helmet. Notice the guy in front of me with the Tioga disc rear wheel (or more likely the plastic inserts that made it look like a disc).
Coming through at the end of lap 1, I was in 2nd place and had 1st within my sights. That is a Schwinn Paramount helmet. I did have SPDs (1st generation).

Coming through for the win! 2nd was behind me and I was dying. If it would have been a couple hundred yards longer, he would have passed me.
This was my 95 or 96 race bike. It was the 1st year of the GT RTS. I think this pic was after the 1st or 2nd race of the season and the mud was leftover after the car ride home. No V-brakes yet and I think this might have been 1st generation XTR

This guy is Steve Cook. He raced expert out of Missoula and was always in the top three. Notice that he was a lower leg amputee. Very fast rider and amazing technical skills. I lost track of Steve after he moved to Salt Lake City. Two years ago I read an article about him retiring from competing for the US Adaptive Ski Team. I believe he was the most decorated adaptive athlete for the US. It doesn't surprise me.
This last fall, at one of the cyclocross races, on of the promoters didn't believe that my racing license was below #2000. Everyone else's had five digits. Apparently, the old NORBA license system carried over from 1994.

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