Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekend in pictures

Lots of rain in Iowa the past 4-5 days. We went for a family ride after Sunday dinner and tried to loop around the new trail near 142nd and Douglas. I knew the creek would be high, but didn't think that we would have this much trouble passing buy. Keep in mind that this has receded since this morning. I hope that the trail isn't under-cut and damaged.
I spent 4+ hours helping out the shop on Saturday night at the Hy-vee Triathlon. We were setup within the bike check-in and helped folks out with brake and gear adjustments as well as pumping up tires. I probably pumped up close to 100 and I'm sure that the other 5 guys had just as much. This first pic is from a viewing stand, looking south to the lake with the swim. I think there was a little over 1500 bikes.
This 2nd pic is also of the bike staging area, but from ground level. Lot of bike, lots of $$$.

This last pic is actually from earlier in the week. I was in Rassy's and saw a guy picking his bike up. It is exactly the same bike that Holly bought as her first MTB in college. I think that the originally price was $279. I took her onto the trails around Missoula on this and she was a trooper. Looking back, I realize that she probably hated it, but did it so we could be together. I guess you could say that I owe Specialized for the last 24 years or so. I almost offered to purchase the bike from the guy on the spot.


Anonymous said...

The Tri pictures gave me the bug.....

Iowagriz said...

Simbo, sign-up and come on over. The race is done 1st class. Of course, free place to stay. On course heckling is also available.

Rusty Car said...

Simbo would have a tough time with the Des Moines Alps. Pretty flat down there in the lone star state. Of course he could come do some altitude training?

The logic you use about the bike and a relationship???...why did you an Guth hook up as result of the Jamis? Something you have been keeping from me all these years? Sweet U-brakes by the way and I think that rear rim is original.