Monday, May 3, 2010

Birthdays, Braces and Bikes

It was a long week so sorry about the lack of updates.

Friday was the designated night for the girls birthday party and sleepover, so near 6pm we were invaded by 6 tween-agers and their high pitched voices. We feed them pizza and sugary drinks and sent them to the basement. They proceeded to gossip, dance, scream and play games. We brought down the cake and I tried not to embarrass them as I snapped several pics (they will be uploaded later). They had fun and all were well behaved. We can probably stand to do that once or twice a year.

Braces: I made it past week three (just barely). I can definitely say that week two-three is the hardest as the novelty of eating the same 8-9 items becomes old. Once I made it into the work week it got a little easier. I'm in the home stretch now and will get them cut off on the 21st. Officially down 10lbs as of this morning.
Bikes: Was able to commute to work two days last week and hope to continue that for the next two three weeks. I did ride another 30 miles today and too a nice tour of the city. I even stopped by the scene of the accident and took few pics. The bench was made by "Squirrel" with the tree that took me out. If you zoom in on the other photo, you can see the scar from where the tree I was standing on had rested against this tree. I was obviously higher than I had anticipated.

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~ Sheepheads said...

Tom, I'm glad you are getting well! Wow!

The doc I saw in Missoula yesterday said there was a guy in last week that they could do nothing about. Gave him a few stitches and sent him too to the dentist. Jaw sideways. I sorta went into a roll as much as I could in the tight spot. Glad you are staying pos!

~Ride on, Garland