Sunday, December 13, 2009


Look back at my last post and then forgive me for screwing up the bike riding in Des Moines. At that time, the forecast was for a few inches at most. We got 16" and now most of the bike trails won't be clear until spring.

I did go ride this morning for an hour looking for a clear route to work. 60th streets bike path is mostly clear and rideable, but EP True trail was not. I ended up looping back towards Jordan Creek and Ashworth to 156th and home. Somewhere near a 12mile loop. I hadn't ridden in 9 days so it was nice to get out. I spent the rest of this morning getting the rollers out and ready for training.

The pic is of the house and showing those out of state the remnants of the storm.


Rusty Car said...

Are you going to TN next week? Hopefully you don't since you jinxed that last time also.

Go Griz!

Iowagriz said...

No trip to Chatty this year for me, so the Griz should win.

We leave on the 24th for Missoula/xmas, so that would be too much traveling at once.