Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Taco Ride

67 degrees when I left work. 15 of us left the shop and hit the trails. 45 minutes later the lights came on. For some reason only a few of us remembered lights so most bailed and headed to Giffs Tavern. I chose to ride another lap of Denmans. I'm trying to get used to the MTB again. Three weeks of riding the cross bike with 50lbs of air pressure, skinny tires, and a rigid fork make the transition back to the MTB a little odd. It felt like the tires were 'bouncy' and slow.

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The House of Husar said...

I felt the same thing. I rode my fixie most of the summer. When I did jump on my mountain bike it felt so odd. Still does. It makes me want to sell my Gary Fisher and get a single speed mountain bike that is much lighter.