Sunday, September 6, 2009

Team Rassy's 24hr 4-man team winners!

I've uploaded a bunch of photos to Flickr, I'll let that tell the tale for now. I'll recap the event tomorrow as I've finally hit the wall. Until then I'll leave you with the photo of the 24hr 4-man team winners collecting the check. Team Rassy's. 30 laps total for the group which is somewhere around 240miles. A great race and a great time.


Courtney Hilton said...

Way to go guys. awesome

Anonymous said...

Congrats. Real proud of you Bro. I don't think I could do that for 24hrs unless I could have a cold one in between rides. Way to kick everyones butt.

Anonymous said...

Very cool....congrats. At least you had a nice long weekend to try and get rested back up.