Monday, August 31, 2009

Opening weekend of Futball

Sunday was spent in Ames for Maddie's soccer game. Hannah was kept occupied with the camera and the glider that kept on doing laps from the nearby airport. Maddie had a good 1st game of the fall season. 1 assist and lots of minutes.
They won 4-3 and played well as a team.

We then moved over to the ISU Cyclone soccer stadium. The Griz were playing the clones in Women's soccer and we had to show them the love. We were only able to see the last 20min as their game and Maddie's had started at the same time. The Griz were down 1-0 when we arrived, but seemed to have the upper hand and were pressing hard. Then a fluke goal rolled across and the game ended 2-0. As they left the field, I called them over for some autographs (the girls were too shy to do it on their own). I think that the Griz were a little dumbstuck.....why would they be asked for autographs 1500 miles away from home? However, when they came over and saw our Griz gear, they quickly warmed up and treated the twins to 10 minutes of their time. The girls sure appreciated it, THANKS TO THE LADY GRIZ!
In hindsight, it was pretty funny. The Cylones had left the field and were milling around with boyfriend and parents and the griz were getting all of the attention of the autograph seekers (all 2 of them).


Anonymous said...

I love number 7. What a great number. I'm happy to see my nieces supporting their Uncle Tim.

Iowagriz said...

I thought we told you that she picked it out becuase if is "Uncle Tim's lucky number". She's had it for all four years.