Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sioux Falls

We returned from vacation Sunday night around 5pm and then I left for work in Sioux Falls at 6am on Monday. It wasn't as bad as it sounds.

I took advantage of the quiet hotel on Monday night and got a good rest. Last night I hopped on my road bike and rode the bike trail that loops the city. A scenic 20mile route that went past the cities namesake (in pic). I still feel a little sick, so the pace wasn't too high. 26miles and a stop for Taco Tuesday and I was back at the hotel.

The hotel is near a convention and sports complex. Last night they were hosting some sort of drum and bugle corps competition. I'm a sucker for the precision of a good drumline and wasn't disappointed. I rode around and took in the various practice sessions. All of them were amazing.
When I get back home I'll post some vacation thoughts and a video or two of my girls riding their MTBs on the same trails that Moike and I learned on.

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Steve Fuller said...

nice to see the blog back :)
Interested in a night gravel ride on Saturday?

Iowagriz said...

I think that I might be riding the tandem downtown with one daughter on Friday night (and the other on Saturday morning). Then driving them to summer camp on Sunday.

Thus, I'm probably out. Although I've been itching to get a long gravel ride (or 12) in. I'll be in touch if I can swing it this weekend.

Rusty Car said...

Hmmmm....same trails. Bet they did better than us, when we first started out. I will blame it on my teacher. They have a good one and mine, well, let's just say he hadn't yet earned his diploma to put it nicely. I do miss those Lewis and Clark expeditions.