Sunday, January 25, 2009

Had a good weekend. It was sunny and although I didn't spend too much time outside, I did feel like I recharged my inner-core with sunlight (vitamin D?).

My neighbor had two extra tickets to the Cyclone/Jayhawk game this weekend. Hannah and I joined him and his daughter. It was our 1st Cyclone sporting event of any kind and the Hilton coliseum lived up to it's billing. The game didn't go the clones way, but it was fun. Great seats as you can see.
I've been psyched to start working out again. I'm hoping that I didn't lose everything that I had gained for fitness last year, but I'm betting that the majority is gone. I do think that it will come back quickly. P90X and riding is on the agenda. I need to get some strength back to support the bike efforts. I do plan on racing the IORCA series this summer and hopefully get a bike for cyclocross season this fall. Dirty Hundies are still a possibility, the weather is looking hopeful for this Saturday the 31st. Continue the streak???? I'll find out next Saturday.


Anonymous said...

I've been doing some research and I've heard that if you go skiing in the great state of Washington it will really help strengthen your legs. I forgot the link but I think it is something like

Anonymous said...

Get back on that bike Griz. I doubt you have lost any fitness yet. Your mind probably needed a little rest just like your body.