Sunday, September 21, 2008

Birthday Bike Ride

Saturday was my 43rd birthday. So after the household chores were done, the girls and I loaded the bikes and went to ride in Denman's woods. Holly had to tough it out at home with work (she's been working 7 days a week lately).

The bike ride with Hannah and Madison was great. They are really becoming adjusted to the bikes. Each time they ride the trails, they learn something and always seem to have fun. The highlight of the day was when we tried to do our good deed for the day. Some idiot had his 4x4 Jeep on the old J11 trail and was ready to drive into the creek. I tried to tell him to stop and get out of the woods (in a city park no less), but he thought he knew better and drove into the creek. He promptly sunk in past his hubs and was stuck. I called the cops and hoped they would find and ticket him. After our ride was done, I sprinted back to find that he had a buddy trying to get him out. Now it appeared that both might be stuck. I recalled the police and waited 30mins for them to show up. I finally gave up on the waiting. However, the girls were proud of us for at least trying to do a good deed. At least they seemed to learn a good lesson regarding respect for the environment. More pics on Flickr, including a few of the idiots.
Hannah in white, Maddie in yellow. Weaving through the trees.
They even made the majority of the tight trees. Hannah skipped a few, but probably rode 90% of them.
Here is Hannah carving around a corner.
Maddie making the turn and smiling for the camera.

BTW - my birthday present (the new bike) continues to ride fantastic.

I had hoped to ride my September gravel century on Sunday, but was way too tired from this past week. I took a Tylenol PM and feel asleep by 10pm. Waking at 8:30 seemed to do the trick :)


Diane said...

Happy (belated) Birthday to YOU! I'm enjoying your blog and learning about the whole bike riding world. I must admit, I don't ride a bike too often but we're working on getting the kids on theirs. ~Diane

Anonymous said...

Happy B Day!!

Steve Fuller said...

Happy belated birthday Griz!! Taco Ride Wednesday? Your N/A and tacos are on me if you show up. :)

Iowagriz said...

Thanks to all for the birthday wishes. I might try and bring my girls on this week's taco ride. I do need to hit Giff's to discuss the take a kid MTBing day with the CITA board.