Sunday, June 21, 2009

The 'Mick'

Saturday's ride in the Black Hills started just before 7am. I had apparently caught the family cold in addition to an allergy flare-up, so I was hoping for something to blow the junk out of the body.

I chose to ride the pavement pass back to Deadwood and then hop onto the Mickelson rail trail.
The climb up the pass loosened up the snot rockets and I quickly felt pretty good. I pushed the pace on the ride while still enjoying the views. I looped back to hwy 385 via Custer crossing and ended up back at camp 38.5 miles later.

Although the "Mick" is just a rail trail I would highly suggest hitting it. In fact I saw several campgrounds just off the trail. The trail is 108miles long so it would make an excellent 2 or 3 day ride/camp trip. Just load a pack with a change of clothes and a credit card. Hmmmm.....

Now we are in the middle of our 11hr drive back to Des Moines. We just passed through Sioux Falls, so we are almost home.

BTW-the pic was from the trail near the top of the pass.

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Simbo said...

I think you are on to something here. I would be up for a 2 or 3 day ride/camp trip in the Black Hills.

Iowagriz said...

The hardest part would be arranging the transport to the start. After driving or flying to SD, wouldn't we rather ride in the Rockies?

Simbo said...

Good point.