Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Downhill/Flow Park possibilities

I now ride past this empty lot on my way to work. It has about 75feet of vertical rise and is several acres. A developer wiped out the old oak trees two years ago (local controversy) and now the place sits vacant waiting for the real estate market to rebound.
This Spring it was a muddy mess, but I was already looking at the line possibilities on the edges of the field. I think that there are some good drops, jumps and rollers waiting to be discovered. Renegade trails go against my beliefs but maybe the "Ghosts of the Oaks" would invite us in?

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Buckshot77 said...

Renegade trails to me mean that you're building them with the expectation that they'll be there forever and are poaching the land that you're putting them on as your own little stake. In this instance, the land is currently in transition and not being used after all ready having been pillaged. I don't see a problem with riding a few trails in until the developed moves forward with the next tract of urban sprawl.