Thursday, June 18, 2009

Griz is back

Break time is over. I guess that I'm back to blogging.

The griz family is on vacation in Missoula (home of the Griz). We've had some good quality time within our family and with Holly's parents. Friday will be spent driving to the Black Hills of South Dakota to spend time with my parents (at a family reunion of dad's).

I did get three solid 2.5hr rides in while in Missoula. Most of the time was spent climbing at a steady heart rate. I also got two good rides with the girls. One of them was on singletrack up the Rattlesnake, I'll try to post a video once we get home.

Lastly, check out this pic from today's ride, textbook singletrack.

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Todd said...

Ahhh the Rattlesnake ... I've only ridden that once with you but it was excellent. Oh how I miss riding single track with my older brother!

Anonymous said...

Guess who's back...Back Again...Griz is back....Tell a friend. Enjoy your time off. We spent some time in the Black Hills 2 years ago. I was impressed.

Rusty Car said...

Thanks for coming back! We missed you. Like the new look and the picture of the "M". Wow!

Buckshot77 said...

Great to have you back Griz. Can't wait to get some ride time back here with you. Squirrel and I were out by your way yesterday morning doing a little daddy's day putt putt and I was thinking we need to get some riding in with you.

Iowagriz said...

Thanks all. I think I just needed some time away from the blog. You know me, can't keep me away from talking/blogging.

Todd, come to IA, the singletrack is pretty good as well (or RAGBRAI)

Moike, I stole the pic from someone on I did give the girls a tour around campus and they enjoyed it. You wouldn't recognize the campus with the many new buildings.

Rusty Car said...

Thief...oh well still cool.

How about the old down town apartment? Still there? The old iron fire escape out back?