Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Easter Sunday

A little late on this posting, but we had a great Easter Sunday. The girls slept in a little (for a holiday) and woke us at 7:30. They scrambled downstairs to find their Easter baskets. The Easter Bunny had left them a new stuffed animal and plenty of chocolate. Maddie had left a note for him/her to write back, but all she got back was a little scribble. As Hannah said "That's sad that the Easter Bunny can't write." Holly reminder them that he/she doesn't have fingers and probably never learned.
This picture is pretty funny. Part of our tradition includes two "golden" eggs that have been hidden. They always have a larger amount of money in them. This year Hannah had opened hers and found $5. As you can see in the picture, she is very happy. If you look closely, I also caught Maddie throwing her second "dud" egg (the yellow streak). Apparently the bunny left some "duds" this year. No money, no chocolate, just empty plastic eggs.
Maddie finally opens her "golden" egg and is happy again.

They both had to count how much money and chocolate that they had found in the eggs. Maddie thinks it is easier if you organize the chocolates into piles first.

We finished the morning by attending service. It was our first time back in several months and the church is now moved into the new part of the building. I think I heard that it can seat 3000, but I bet they had closer to 4000 in the building for Easter. Parking was a mess. We decided to get back into the habit of attending church, but will now opt for the less busy and more casual Saturday evening service.

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